Accessory Packages

Commuter Pack

Package Inclusions

  • Top Case, Small 30L (available in Grey & Black)
  • Black Collection Tank Bag, Small
  • TFT Protection

Includes required fitting items


F 900 XR Package Retail Price: $1,990.00
F 900 XR Standard Price (if purchased separately): $2,402.51

F 900 XR Sport & Triple Black Package Retail Price: $1,490.00
F 900 XR Sport & Triple Black Standard Price (if purchased separately): $1,888.01


All prices are inclusive of GST but do not include fitting costs. Price correct at time of print and are subject to change without notice.

Touring Pack

Package Inclusions

Only available for F 900 XR Sport and Triple Black models
  • Touring Cases (available in Grey & Black)
  • Top Case, Small 30L (available in Grey & Black)
  • TFT Protection

Includes required fitting items


Package Retail Price: $2,650.00
Standard Price (if purchased separately): $3,184.90


All prices are inclusive of GST but do not include fitting costs. Price correct at time of print and are subject to change without notice.

The pulse accelerator

Tinted Sport windscreen

In the Sport style, the bike shines in the luminous Racing Red paint. A striking contrast is created by the radiator grille and the middle tank cover in technical Granite Grey metallic matt, rims in Night Black, and gold-coloured fork tubes. The shorter and tinted Sport windshield emphasises the dynamic look.

The distance maker

Case holder

Touring cases or soft cases can be attached easily and securely to the visually appealing case holder. If cases are not attached, the discreet holder is hardly noticeable.


Soft case

The high-quality soft cases made of durable polyester stand out with their practical detail and a storage volume of 20 litres each. Features such as the waterproof inside pocket, the zipper around the side, the carrying handle, and the quick release for easy mounting on the motorcycle ensure a secure grip and practical handling.


Touring case

The high-quality hardshell touring cases offers more than enough space for touring luggage or even a motorcycle helmet with their 32 litres of storage capacity each. They are lockable, splash-proof, and can be supplemented with a waterproof inner pocket – the perfect travel companion for short and long tours. The high-quality case covers are painted in a colour matching the vehicle.


Large tank bag

The tank bag made of hard-wearing polyester fabric is full of clever features and can be expanded from 11 to 16 litres in volume as needed. The map pouch and exterior pockets provide additional space. The sophisticated strap mount provides a secure hold and ensures very easy handling.


Small tank bag

The durable small tank bag with strap connector is the ideal companion for short trips. The main compartment with removable, waterproof inner pocket, the cable feedthrough, the storage space of 5.5 litres, the carrying handle, and removable bag straps are practical qualities that leave nothing to be desired in everyday life.

Centre stand

The centre stand ensures that the bike is standing safely and securely and offers advantages such as when refuelling, loading and unloading the case or during maintenance work. In addition, the tyres and the spring elements are given a rest for prolonged periods of immobilisation.

The city collector

Hand lever guards

The hand lever guards make a clear statement in terms of uncompromising sportiness. The curved bracket made of aluminium and plastic protects the brake and clutch lever on the handlebar from being inadvertently activated when touched by another vehicle and the vehicle from being damaged in an accident.

Luggage rack

Store a top case or other luggage pieces easily and securely on the stable luggage rack made of powder-coated die-cast aluminium. Because the top case rack plate is secured to the motorcycle and protected from vibration, you will notice how much better your bike rides at high speeds with a top case attached.

Small top case

Small top case, 30 l

The waterproof plastic top case with a volume of 30 litres provides enough space for a helmet. The cover, which is optionally available in Asphalt Grey metallic matt, Black storm metallic, Racing Red, or Light White, and the soft-close hinges, which enable a gentle lowering of the cover, underline the high-quality impression.

Original BMW Motorrad Accessories

Original BMW Motorrad Accessories

Individuality, comfortable ride, performance – for you and your bike. Relax and choose at home and then simply buy from your authorised BMW Motorrad Retailer.

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