Before every journey

Here you can find a few small suggestions to enjoy the riding pleasure on your BMW as much and for as long as possible. After all, it is a valuable piece of technology. Meaning careful treatment is essential for long and flawless functionality.
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A small check is always worthwhile.
  • Before every journey, check the dipped beam, high beam, rear and brake lights. We may only install parts of the highest quality and check that they are all working flawlessly at every service. But just to be on the safe side, you should briefly check them too.
  • The right air pressure is one of the most important bases for flawless riding behaviour. With the BMW Motorrad mini foot pump you can check the pressure and adjust it perfectly to suit your load and your riding style. The correct values are specifically listed in the operating instructions.

  • Oil lubricates the engine and keeps it running smoothly. But at the same time, oil also cools it down and keeps it at the ideal operating temperature. The ADVANTEC Original BMW Engine Oil is adjusted to fulfill the high requirements of BMW Motorrad high-performance engines. Thanks to its unique formula, the ADVANTEC Original BMW Engine Oil guarantees that your bike runs smoothly for a long time. So always make sure that the right quantity of oil is in the engine, gearbox and drive. Too much oil can have a negative impact too, as the oil pressure in the engine is designed for a specified quantity.

  • Your hands control the clutch and the brake, your feet brake and shift gears. So all four levers should be working flawlessly. Particularly as the foot levers like to adjust themselves. Whereas the adjustable levers of many of our models make daily riding even more enjoyable. If you are searching for the absolute maximum the BMW Motorrad HP Parts are the right statement. High-quality parts made of carbon, titanium and aluminium make every motorcycle into a unique one.

  • Your clothing is of course dependent on the weather. But always consider safety here. BMW Motorrad Ride & Style offers a wide range of functional and stylish clothing as well as safety relevant accessories for any weather. To also protect and prepare your bike for any weather condition we offer Original BMW Care Products. What must also be considered is that even the best care does not stop the ageing process: protectors and helmet shells become brittle with time, tend to break and lose their protective function. Leather and functional clothing also require care: for lasting breathability.

  • For maximum riding pleasure, you should be fit too. Because only when you are healthy and balanced will you have fun on your machine. Just be sure to keep your head free before setting off.
  • Adapt your riding style to the weather. Bear in mind that not just you – but also your engine and tyres require a certain operating temperature in order to be able to perform optimally. As far as clothing is concerned: not too cold, but not too warm either. Pay attention not only to wind but to fall protection as well.
  • Being aware of the traffic situation on your route really helps you relax. It also allows you to conveniently plan the time you need for your journey. From entry-level model to offroad navigator – with the BMW Motorrad navigators you will always reach your destination reliably.

On the journey

BMW motorcycles are especially well prepared for the big journey. Thanks to their ergonomics, they can easily travel many thousands of miles. Furthermore, everything is designed and manufactured for demanding continuous operation. Countless luggage solutions offer you precisely the right transportation possibility for your odds and ends on every model. Nevertheless, you should always check that everything is positioned securely, because there is a great deal of force acting on your luggage depending on the road surface and your riding style. Here are a few more tips before we can then say: happy travels!
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Make the most of your journey.
  • The less luggage you have, the freer you are. Especially on a motorcycle. Depending on where the bike is, you always have to take your luggage into the tent or room with you. Your luggage should be packed well. The Original BMW Motorrad Accessories offer a wide range of luggage solutions – side cases, tank bags, topcases or even luggage rolls – almost all of which are absolutely watertight and tailored specifically to your BMW. Always put heavy luggage at the bottom. This way, it will have the minimum impact on the riding behaviour. But always adapt your riding style to your load.

  • Plan carefully, enjoy properly: during the journey, your eyes should always be on the road. Making it all that much more important to get the required information quickly and safely. Our compact devices with GPS navigation or tank bag with transparent map pocket are valuable aids. And of course, you should also think about the range when planning the route – both with respect to the tank as well as to your own sustenance.
  • Everyone has their own personal performance characteristics when it comes to energy and endurance. The bike gives you direct and intensive riding pleasure, whereas there is more effort involved than when driving a car. And so the reserves fade quicker: concentration and reaction capabilities drop and the danger of an uncontrolled situation increases – right up to microsleep. So especially on long bridging journeys, always give yourself sufficient breaks.

Before winter

The surfaces of a BMW have a very high-quality finish. Whether painted or finished with fully dyed materials or metals – we only use the highest quality products. Nevertheless, road salt, moisture and temperatures can take their toll on any material. If you should "lay up" your motorcycle, then store it in a warm and dry place – at the very least dry. Whereas it should be ensured that the covers have sufficient air circulation. Otherwise there is a danger of precipitative moisture – resulting in corrosion. If you want to be completely on the safe side, use a light oil such as bicycle gloss (the clear-red spray oil) – spray this lightly onto your bike. Particularly the metal surfaces are then better protected from corrosion. Before the start of the season, we recommend a wash with a little washing-up liquid in lukewarm water and a soft sponge. And of course, your BMW Motorrad partner has more tips as well.
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