The Best Oils for the Best Engines.

The Best Oils for the Best Engines.

The ADVANTEC PRO and ULTIMATE engine oils were specifically developed for BMW Motorrad high-performance engines with unique formulas to guarantee long-term performance. In addition to passing conventional tests, they also performed extremely well in the very challenging testing procedures developed by BMW for our own oils.

Of course, these oils can also be used for other motorcycle engine types.

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Base Oils made from Natural Gas.

Base Oils made from Natural Gas.

Engine oil quality depends largely on its main components, the base oils. They make up approximately 75-90% of an engine oil. Original BMW Engine Oils are based on the new patented Shell PurePlus Technology, which makes base oils from natural gas instead of crude oil. The result - crystal clear base oils that contain virtually none of the impurities found in crude oil. Shell PurePlus Technology marks a breakthrough in how engine oils are formulated to provide enhanced viscosity, reduced friction and lower volatility.

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Benefits of Genuine BMW Oil


Improved viscosity provides a better cold engine start and consistent performance.


Active Cleansing Technology keeps the engine as close to factory clean as possible, protecting from corrosion and wear.


Minimised evaporation rate reduces oil consumption, improving fuel economy by 3%.

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The Perfect Match.

Discover the BMW Genuine Oil that's right for your machine, and maximise the potential of your BMW Engine. Only available to purchase from participating BMW Motorrad dealerships, contact yours today for more information and availability.


C 400, F 900, F 850, F 750, K 1600, K 1300, K 1200 R/S, R 1250, R 1200, S 1000, HP4, G 450.


C 650, C 600, G 310, R nineT, R 18, F 800, F 700, F 650, G 650, K 1200 GT/RS/LT.