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5 years of premium riding warranty

BMW Motorrad is taking our warranty coverage to the next level, going even further beyond the statutory three year warranty period by giving you 5 years of cover from the date of initial delivery – providing free repair or replacement services should a technical defect arise.

We're giving you five years!

You want to move up and start your next adventure on your bike. All you need is a bike that's perfect in every way. Which is why you now receive five year's warranty for peace of mind. If things don't go as smoothly as expected, BMW Motorrad service partners and mechanics are there to ensure that you're up and riding again in no time – free of charge and anywhere in the world. You'll now be assured of 60 months of free repairs in the event of a defect for every new BMW motorcycle purchased from the 1st of November 2022. The road to your next adventure is free and clear.  

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Your advantages at a glance.

Your advantages at a glance.

Savour the benefits even longer. Enjoy warranty for five years courtesy of your authorised BMW motorcycle dealer.

  • 5 years repairs
  • Valid worldwide
  • No mileage limit 
  • All repairs done using original BMW Motorrad parts

So you'll not only be carefree wherever the road takes you, but your new BMW motorcycle will also retain more of its value.

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5 Years Warranty… all authorised BMW Motorrad Dealers!

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