Made for the racetrack

Sport auxiliary stand and M auxiliary stand mounts

Using the Sport auxiliary stand, it is easy to jack up your motorcycle on the front and rear wheel thanks to the double rollers. It is extremely stable and boasts thicker material than conventional auxiliary stands. The M auxiliary stand mount makes work even easier. The high-quality swinging arm adapter is mounted on the rear wheel swinging arm and can be left on the motorcycle even while you ride.

M motorcycle mat

An exclusive spot for your own bike: The M motorcycle mat not only features an appealing design, it also provides reliable protection for your floor while you service your bike. Another bonus is the slip-resistant and fire-retardant material it is made of. The practical mat measures 250 x 105 cm.

M tyre heater set

M tyre heaters heat both road-approved sports tyres and slicks to an operating temperature of 90°C within 45 minutes. This gives you the grip you need as soon as you ride out of the pit, keeping you safer and helping you set a better pace on your first lap of training or the race.

M Carbon seat pad

The M Carbon seat pad features a groove used to securely attach a camera adapter or other accessory like the datalogger GPS mouse. This high-quality carbon component replaces the standard plastic seat pad and boasts a UV-resistant high-gloss finish that makes it especially durable.

M Cover kit*

Simply remove the mirror and number plate carrier, and install the covers from the M Cover kit instead. And you're off to the racetrack.

*Race only. Only for use on the racetrack. Not permitted for use on public roads.

M axle protectors

M axle protectors are made of highly abrasion-resistant plastic to protect the fork and rear wheel swinging arm from scratches in the event of a fall.

There is always improvement

More M Carbon parts or M Billet packs? Don't worry. In our extensive range of accessories, you will find exactly what you need for your custom M RR.

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