The multi-tool

Silver handlebar risers

Made of forged aluminium and providing a height increase of 15 mm, the handlebar risers allow you a more relaxed riding position and added control off-road.

Wind and weather protection

High, tinted Tour windscreen

The tinted touring windscreen is approx. 80 mm higher and 30 mm wider than the standard windscreen and therefore offers noticeably improved wind and weather protection, as well as overall touring comfort. The scratch-resistant coating ensures lasting transparency, while the tinting further enhances the bike's appearance.

Windscreen adjustment mechanism

With the windscreen adjustment mechanism, the rider can vary the position of the large windscreen and the touring windscreen in two stages.

Vario case system

The waterproof Vario cases with a patented adjustment mechanism offer a variable volume of 30–39 litres on the left and 20–29 litres on the right. This pays off especially in city traffic, as the width of the cases can also be reduced. The practical black Vario cases are waterproof and also suitable for off-road use.

The Vario topcase, which is also black and waterproof, additionally offers a variable volume of 25 to 35 litres.

Silver aluminium Enduro engine guard

The robust and lightweight Enduro engine guard made of aluminium protects against stone chips and damage, especially when used off-road.

Silver engine protection bar

The silver two-piece stainless-steel engine protection bar safeguards the cylinder area from damage without restricting your freedom to lean.

Additional LED headlight

The powerful additional LED headlights give you the visibility you need in poor lighting conditions.

Dynamic down to the finest detail

Black Sport Titanium rear silencer

The black Sport rear silencer made of titanium, carbon and stainless steel makes every ride a sporty experience with its throaty sound.

Rear footrest

The rear footrests with serrated treads offer optimum grip, even with roughly profiled or heavily soiled boots. Thanks to corrosion-resistant cast steel production, the footrests remain rust-free. You can also fold them up when riding solo.

Rider's Enduro footrest

The wider and longer Enduro footrests provide more support and make it easier to control the bike on rough terrain.

Design your customised F 800 GS

Got any more ideas? Choose from the wide range of optional equipment and original BMW Motorrad accessories, and customise your motorbike according to your own preferences.

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