The scooter family

Our scooters let you experience the city spontaneously, flexibly and in a new way. This is made possible by agile drives, clearly defined proportions and practical storage options. Tried and tested BMW Motorrad technology offers you comfort and safety and BMW Motorrad Connectivity paired with the BMW Motorrad Connected app will take you through big cities with seamlessly connectivity.

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Our Urban Mobility models

CE 04

Silent revolution: bursting with energy, efficient, electric and with a modern design. Thanks to its intelligent connectivity solutions, the BMW CE 04 seamlessly integrates into your everyday life and represents a harbinger of a new era, not only with its design.

C 400 X

Getting to know your urban environment turn by turn: spontaneous, good-looking, dynamic and relaxed though any bottleneck. Making moving around in the city plenty of fun.

C 400 GT

Across the city and far beyond. Superior drive, riding comfort as well as wind and weather protection: with all this it doesn’t matter if the journey takes a little longer. BMW Motorrad Connectivity ensures communication and the best connections.

For cities full of opportunities

The BMW Motorrad Concept CE 02 injects a fresh dose of fun into the city. Its electric drive delivers full torque from a standing start and lets you effortlessly cruise through traffic. The design is new, revolutionary, minimal and triggers the desire to ride off straight away.

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BMW Motorrad ConnectedRide

BMW Motorrad ConnectedRide means being connected. Thanks to the BMW Motorrad Connected app, you can wirelessly merge features of your smartphone, such as telephony, music and navigation, with your motorcycle’s TFT display and continue to use them as a matter of course. And that’s just the beginning.

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