The R 18 family

Boasting 1,802 cc, the most powerful boxer engine ever built by BMW Motorrad is an unmissable centrepiece. The double cradle frame, telescopic forks, teardrop-shaped tank or even the double lines are iconic design features rooted in our history.

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Our R 18 models

R 18

Soul is all that matters: a cruiser bursting with character featuring a low and stretched flyline.

R 18 100 Years

The limited edition model on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of BMW Motorrad. #SoulFuel in its most exclusive form.

R 18 Classic

Iconic, nostalgic, soul fuel: historically derived from the first cruisers suitable for touring.

R 18 Roctane

Pure nonchalance: the R 18 Roctane is our coolest Grand Tourer with the personality of a Custom Factory Hot Rod.

R 18 B

Raw power meets a pure soul: typical bagger look with characteristic streamlining, a fairing fitted to the handlebars and permanently installed cases.

R 18 Transcontinental

Grand touring with big boxer: exclusive, luxurious and comfortable, entirely designed for riding with a passenger.

The R 12 family

Legends live longer. The R 12 models bring an unmistakable look to the road with their minimalist design language and unique roadster style. They are powered by a next stage of evolution of the Boxer engine. Otherwise, hardly a screw was left in its thread during development. The backbone designed for customising with a classic tubular spaceframe has been completely redeveloped. Can you hear the call? Express your inimitability.

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Our R 12 models

R 12 nineT

Uncompromising roadster with unmistakable proportions and stylish elements. The R 12 nineT is comfortable being the centre of attention and turns the road into your stage.

R 12

Casual cruiser with an iconic design, low seat height and distinctive styling. This bike conveys the #Soulfuel feeling like no other: life is easy on the R 12.

Much more than just motorcycles

We make our clothing with the same passion we dedicate to making our bikes. And with the same focus on quality: for minimalist and classic looks that don’t show off their high levels of functionality and protection, additionally giving you complete freedom of movement in your everyday life.

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BMW R 18 The Wal

Customiser Shinya Kimura created an unmistakable, one-off R 18 and named it The Wal. In his workshop, he combined expert craftsmanship with Japanese aesthetics and the brute force of the 1,802 cc big boxer engine.

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Experience Heritage up close