It's all a matter of adjustment.

It's all a matter of adjustment.

The ergonomics can be adjusted individually. This makes your introduction to the GS world easier than ever. To ensure that you are sitting perfectly on your F 750 GS, you can choose between four various seat heights: from lowered 770 mm up to 830 mm. Other parts of the BMW F 750 GS can also be adjusted to your needs with optional accessories in a remarkable number of ways. An adjustable footbrake lever offers you more precise control when braking – an especially sensible option for riding while standing when offroad. You can also adjust the gearshift lever to suit your shoe size and improve the ease of use. Plus: Your seat height becomes more upright if you raise the handlebar position by 15 mm. This ensures secure handling at all times, especially when riding while standing.

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Accessories Highlights

HP Sport silencer.

HP Sport silencer.

  • Slip-on silencer for throaty sound and sporty looks
  • Silencer is all titanium (shell, connecting pipe and internals)
  • End cap and heat shield made of carbon
  • Weighs less than a production silencer
  • Increased torque at low to midrange rpm, power at the level of the standard configuration


RRP $1,100

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    • Black plastic case
    • Case capacity can be adjusted by moving a bar
    • Capacity: approx. 20-29 l (right), approx. 30-39 l (left)
    • Innovative mechanism for attachment to the vehicle
    • Includes 2 cases & locks


    RRP $1,714

    • Tank bag with cable hole
    • Water-repellent outside pockets with zip fastener
    • Integrated rain hood with map view
    • All-round stabilising function bar allows attachment of a map pocket or additional luggage


    RRP $438

    • Waterproof main compartment, approximately 2.5 litres, expandable to approximately 8 litres, inner bag with roll top
    • Loops permit the attachment of additional luggage
    • Zip fastener around three sides provides good accessibility
    • Practical carry handle
    • GS inscription on lid


    RRP $231


Ergonomics and Comfort.
    • Better grip and improved vehicle control when riding off-road and when standing up
    • Tread material and shape prevent the foot from slipping
    • Length of tread: 90 mm
    • Precision-cast highly-alloyed stainless steel
    • Unhindered operation of gearshift and footbrake levers (no change in height of the footrests)  


    RRP $274

    • Enhanced wind and weather protection for the rider
    • Improved touring capability; even long motorway trips can be ridden in comfort
    • Scratchproof coating for unimpaired long-term transparency
    • Identical to the standard windscreen on the F 850 GS
    • Includes mount parts


    RRP $439

    • Increased seat firmness for off-road riding
    • Lower seat width than standard seat
    • Slim and narrow silhouette underscores the Enduro look
    • Approved for 2 persons (reduced passenger comfort)
    • Colour: Black/grey
    • 860mm


    RRP $616

Accessory Packages

  • Luggage Pack
    Package Inclusions
    • Pannier cases, left & right
    • Locks - Keyless ride
    • Locks
    • Vario Case Holder
    • Vario Case Liners
    • Tank Bag
    • Map Pocket for Tank bag


    Package Retail Price: $2,100

    Standard Price (if purchased separately): $2,629.96


    All prices are inclusive of GST but do not include fitting costs. Price correct at time of print and are subject to change without notice.

  • Touring Luggage Pack
    Package Inclusions
    • Pannier Cases, left & right
    • Locks - Keyless Ride
    • Vario topcase, black
    • Backrest pad for vario topcase
    • Vario Case Liners, left & right
    • Topcase Luggage Carrier
    • Liner for Topcase
    • Tank Bag & Map Pocket


    Package Retail Price: $3,000

    Standard Price (if purchased separately): $3,708.00


    All prices are inclusive of GST but do not include fitting costs. Price correct at time of print and are subject to change without notice.

Accessories List

Vario cases, incl 2 cases & locks


Vario topcase, incl backrest, luggage rack & lock


Inner bags for panniers


Inner bags for Top case




Soft bag for passenger seat


Ergonomics and Comfort
Windscreen, high, tinted including mount parts


Windscreen, large, clear including mount parts


Windscreen, small, tinted


Rally seat, 860mm


Comfort seat, 835mm


Seat, Black/red


Seat, Black/grey


Low seat, black/red


Low seat, Black/grey


Enduro footrest set


Folding Brake Pedal


BMW Motorrad Navigator VI Incl. mount kit




Headlight Protector


Crashbar kit, incl left, right bar & fastening kit


Engine guard, plastic


Engine guard Aluminium


LED auxiliary headlight with ASC/ESA


Anti-theft alarm


Universal Accessories.

View the range of BMW Motorrad Accessories available across all models, including functional bags and toolkits to make the most of your next adventure.

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*All prices above are inclusive of GST but do not include fitting costs. Price correct at the time of print and are subject to change without notice.

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