ASBK Round 5, 2022

5 - 7 Aug 2022
Morgan Park Raceway, Australia

Morgan Park Raceway was opened in 1969, however it is only a very new addition to the ASBK calendar. Set against a stunning Southern Queensland rural backdrop Morgan Park Raceway is a rider’s track and has up until recently been riddled with bumps and a patchwork quilt tarmac. A recent track resurfacing has taken place to not only reduce the bumps, but improve the constancy in the grip levels of the track surface. Watch this space to see the lap records tumble.

Although relatively short in length, Morgan Park raceway is a reasonably quick circuit through turns 7 to 10 and requires true commitment as riders run from white line to white line using all the track. One corner leads into another at Morgan Park and a simple mistake can cost a rider over the next three or four turns.

Setup requires stability and good drive with some hard breaking performance, but the focus is to be as accurate flowing as possible. Hence, mid-range drive rather than outright top end speed is the balance a rider looks for in engine performance.

Typically, when lights go green, all eyes are on the entry to turn one, where the entire field jostles for position as a full grid attempts to squeeze into the narrow single line apex. Every second counts as getting the all- important corner sequence is paramount to success.

There are a number of spectator viewing areas, but with the circuit build on top of a hill the best is place to take in the action is from turns 3 & 4 and from the turn 3 infield.

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228 Old Stanthorpe Rd, Morgan Park QLD 4370
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