ASBK Round 1, 2022

25 - 27 Feb 2022
Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit, Australia

The Phillip Island Grand Prix circuit is the most iconic circuit on the ASBK calendar and one of the most popular circuits with both our national and international competitors. And from the very moment you ride the circuit you too will understand why.

A classic and purpose built motorcycle track that is undulating, fast and flowing suits the rhythm of motorcycling riding perfectly. First opened in 1956 the Island is a pure riders circuit.

The Island boasts one of the highest average top speeds for any track around the world, the combination of fast flowing sweepers, rolling undulations and tight hairpins this is one circuit that balances out the strength and weakness of various machines and riding styles. It means you’re almost always guaranteed close racing.

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381 Back Beach Rd, Ventnor VIC 3922
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