F 800 R Stunt Bike.

A Lukey Luke & Engineered To Slide Collaboration.

It takes a serious machine to handle the challenges that our new BMW Factory Stunt Rider Lukey Luke throws at it.

We had Lukey take his new F 800 R to Nigel Petrie of Engineered to Slide with a long list of requirements, and the result was a seriously epic stunt bike that can handle anything that comes its way...

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A Challenging Brief...

A Challenging Brief...

Lukey came to Engineered to Slide with a serious list fo demands to ensure that he could maximise the power of the F 800 R, yet gain as much control as possible for the precision movements required when performing.

A rough collection of those requests:

  • Make it stop
  • Make it go fast
  • Make it wheelie
  • Crash with minimal damage
  • Look good
  • Support the rider

And you get the point...


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Serious Design Process.

Serious Design Process.

Nigel Petrie of Engineered to Slide was fortunate enough to have the support of Deakin University, and come up with a new process to maximise the efficiency of the build.

Initially scanning and drawing the part, Deakin University assisted in cutting an acrylic test piece for verification.

After part verification, the 5th axis water jet cutter was used to build the part to the precise required dimensions.

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I'm really happy with the bike, the way it's come together, what Nigel's done - He's really nailed it. ’