RnineTE - Engineered To Slide x BMW Motorrad.

A custom racer, with 4 wheel inspiration.

We collaborated with Nigel Petrie of Engineered To Slide on a custom R nineT Racer inspired by his own RPS13. Watch this masterpiece, the RnineTE come to life!

Within these four walls, I pretty much bring something that's stock and standard into something that's built for the race track and built to be admired. ’
It is the combination of all the small touches that make the overall finish. ’

ETS x R nineT Collaboration.

ETS x R nineT Collaboration.

Combining his love for bike and cars, Nigel brought together the best of both his passions through this custom RnineT Racer. The timeless sleek style, single sided swing arm, simplistic air cooled boxer engine and aggressive stance created the perfect outlet for this design.

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