BMW R nineT Chopper.

Follow along as we build a custom R nineT Chopper with Engineered to Slide.

Often we find that custom motorcycles appear, and then just as quickly disappear from our radars all together.

Fabricators such as our talented friend Nigel Petrie of Engineered to Slide, pour hours upon hours of work into meticulously hand-crafting these purpose built machines.

From our experience with past projects, we decided that the process involved in these builds is one seriously cool journey to be a part of - and one that we would love to share with you over the coming year.

So follow along as we strip back an R nineT Racer to it's boxer engine, and begin the task of crafting one seriously wicked custom BMW RnineT Chopper...


The Story So Far

Come along for the journey and follow all of the aspects of this epic build project with us as they happen!

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The EU with BMW.
Nigel headed to BMW HQ and BMW Motorrad Days in Germany for some project inspiration and to see the Concept R 18 up close.
Dust Hustle.
A serious weekend of dirt and bikes.
Throttle Roll.
Kentaro Yoshida helps us with our first activation.
Concept R 18.
The official BMW large capacity boxer concept.
Starting From Scratch.
A brand new racer stripped back to its boxer engine.
ETS Blog.
Follow Nigel's blog for all project updates.
The R nineTE.
Our first R nineT project with ETS.

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